Q:  What are refractories?

Refractories are heat resistant materials used for lining a wide variety of high temp process equipment like boilers, furnaces, regenerative thermal oxidizers, dryers and many other type of units. 

Q: What are refractories used for?

They are used for lining process units subject to extreme temperatures.  They range in types from gunite, plastics, castables, brick, & ceramic fiber.

Q. What does Thermal Refractory offer?

We are a full service supplier, installer, & contractor providing all types of refractory using only the highest quality materials and skilled personnel across the entire United States.  We offer complete project management, engineered studies, and supply new process equipment.  We also provide complete system rebuilds. 

Q: What is the function of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer?

A RTO is a form of a pollution control unit.  We not only provide maintenance on all types of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers/Thermal Oxidizers but we also provide complete rebuild services.  We offer a complete line of ceramic media. If your facility is in need of exceeding current air quality emissions let the Thermal team help you find the best Oxidizer for your needs.

Q: Tell me about your service specialization and employee responsiveness regarding an urgent need situation.

We have installers based out of 3 different locations across the Midwest with a warehouse in Minneapolis, MN and Iowa.  We are able to provide a fast response and cost effective solution to get your unit back online. 

Q: Are there any products you recommend that you would like to share with the public?

We use an extensive variety of products designed to meet the specific needs of the unit.  We use an engineered solution to protect against anything from thermal shock, chemical, or direct flame contact.  Thermals philosophy is to provide more than a repair but a superior product/installation and long term solution.

Q:  What is a standard procedure that your company routinely encounters?

Safety is the standard that Thermal Refractory brings to the jobsite.  We constantly deal with emergency situations and show up with all the equipment and materials needed to get your system running.  We offer the fastest response time and best results.

Q:  Are there any benefits to upgrading my current plants infrastructure? 

Depending on the age of your equipment and the ROI of installing a new more efficient unit could be a huge savings.  We offer new Boilers, Economizers, Heat Exchangers, & Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer options as we work closely with many manufacturers.

Q: Why should a company trust Thermal Refractory for their needs?

We thrive on bringing the best product with the best price to our customers.  Thermal is in this for the long haul and we want to be your service partner for more than a quick fix but for a long term relationship of quality installations and service.

Q:  It seems like currently there is widespread interest in infrastructure upgrades to meet or exceed mandatory pollution controls as well as extend the operational lifespan of a plant; could you tell me more about this?

There are many new needs, as well as several facilities are expanding and need to accommodate the additional process air and make sure the meet there guidelines.  There also has been a lot of equipment installed in certain industries with a short life span.

Q:  Who/what are the characteristics of many of your customers?

Thermal Refractory provides services to the Renewable Energy Sector…Ethanol and Biodiesel Plants, Power Plants, Foundries, Steel, Biomass/Incinerators, Chemical Processing, Paper Plants, Food Processing, & Wastewater Treatment.

Q: What type of businesses do they operate?

Typically our customers are Industrial, Refineries, Power plants, Heavy Manufacturing.

Q: What type of specialty tools and equipment is your company proficient using? 

We use the latest technologies and tools available in the marketplace and strive to find the best result/product for your systems needs.  We come completely self contained ready to prove you the highest level of service!



Please keep us in mind for all your outage/emergency repairs of Refractory.  We use the highest quality of materials available and use only skilled installers to complete your projects.  The Thermal Refractory team has extensive expertise in Thermal Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, Furnace, Boiler, Incinerator, Dryers and can assist you with your needs!  We offer 24 hour a day 7 day a week service and can typically have a crew on site within 12 hours of your call.  We have a warehouse stocked with materials in Minneapolis to handle whatever your project requires.  Instead of just installing a product let us find an engineered solution to provide you long term results.  Our team has extensive ethanol experience and we are constantly striving to find better options for our customers.




Thermal Refractory also supply/install Economizers, Heat Exchangers, & Boilers so keep us in mind for all your equipment needs!


Let us know how we can help you on your next project and Thermal Refractory guarantees Superior results! 




Ceramic, Brick, or Gunite lining to best suit your process environment.  Our experienced team has installed every type of refractory system in a wide variety of industries/equipment.  Todays process environment needs more than someone installing some refractory, you need an engineered lining to last and provide long term results!  Let us help you on your next issue or emergency repair!

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Dryers
  • We also offer:
  • Certified Welding            
  • Concrete/Masonry
  • Coatings –Containment/Chemical


Thermal Refractory is a “Premier,” Refractory Contractor, Supplier and Installer.  We offer Gunite, Brick, and Ceramic Fiber Linings to correctly meet your system’s needs.  

We have two warehouses located in Minnesota and Iowa stocked with materials ready to serve and handle any situation. 


We are experts in Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Thermal Oxidizers, Boilers, Dryers, Furnaces, Incinerators and Kilns; this allows us to provide a -long term solution- to your process unit.


We have installers based out of three geographic locations to handle emergency needs, and are looking forwards to showing you the Thermal Way.  

We proudly serve the Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Printing, Mining, Foundry, Cement, Glass, Waste Water Treatment, Paper and Agricultural Industries.